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Manufacturer : Metuas

Artcure PW DP manufacturer Metuas was established on 07 September 2011 in Ankara.

The company continues to develop and produce products for Algology, Physical treatment and Rehabilitation, Neurosurgery and Orthopaedics.

Its quality procedures include:

Effectively maintaining local and international standards, legislations, AB MDD/93/42/EEC, RT Ministry of Health Regulation on Medical Devices and TS EN ISO 13485 Quality Management System with its trained competent staff and qualified suppliers and complying with all applicable standards under the relevant directive;

Other than the existing treatment protocols, considering socio-economic situations of the patients and physicians to become a company manufacturing its own technology boosting its R&D activities by achieving less time loss, work force loss and less treatment costs;

Introducing and representing scientifically our R&D activities in Turkey and abroad;

Complying with the customer requirements and based on the principles of confidentiality, reliability and traceability, ensuring customer satisfaction with feedbacks;

Expanding our product range and opening up to the global markets to add value to our stakeholders working with us to introduce innovations to the world.

Distribution and Marketing: Metuas

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