1-How many times should I use Artcure?
Artcure Pw Dp provides treatment with a single dose in many patients. A second dose may be administered if your doctor considers it appropriate
2-Does Artcure have side effects?
Answer It may cause rash on the application area only in patients with sensitive skin. This condition is healed with 3-4 days without leaving any permanent marks. Consult your physician in case of unexpected effects.
3-May I use Artcure along with my regular medications?
You may use your regular medications with Artcure. Consult your physician in case of unexpected effects.
4-Where can I conveniently purchase Artcure?
At the pharmacies or medical dealers.
5-Which patients are not applied Artcure?
Never use the product in following cases;
• If the patient is pregnant or has a pregnancy doubt,
• If the patient has an anaphylactic reaction history,
• If the patient is diagnosed with diabetes
• If tumor is located adjacent to the disc herniation zone of the patient
• If the patient has a loss of power or neurological loss of 3/5 or more in any muscle group,
• If the patient is diagnosed with asthma
6-Under which circumstances, Artcure should not be used?
It should not be used in uncontrolled diabetes patients, severe asthma patients, patients with 3/5 muscle loss, patients with accompanying tumor and pregnant women.
7-Which position should I lie down following the application?
Following the application of Artcure, it is recommended to lie flat on back for 24 hours to minimize the load on the spinal cord. The rest period and position are very important to complete the treatment effectively.
8-What are the considerations when applying Artcure?
Maintain your position on back for 24 hours except your essential needs. Do not take off the patch for 24 hours after application. The patch may not be re-applied once removed. Do not take shower while the patch is still in place. Wetting may cause the patch to be removed. Do not travel during application.
9-May I take physical treatment after application of Artcure?
Yes, 15 days after the application.
10–How long does it take for Artcure to be clinically effective?
Within 1 to 10 days.
11-What is the minimum age to use Artcure?
Patients over 18 years old may use Artcure.
11-May breastfeeding mothers use Artcure?
There are no clinical data on Artcure DP use in pregnant and breast-feeding mothers. Risk-benefit analysis of the use in breastfeeding mothers may be evaluated by a physician based on each case.

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